The most important vitamins that strengthen the mental abilities of humans

The human body needs a lot of vitamins that give the body a lot of health benefit, and these vitamins are found in most of the foods that are dealt with every day, as some of them have an effective role in the work of the brain correctly and some of them have many functions in the work of many members of the body , And today we will identify in this article the most important vitamins that help in the growth of human mental capacity.

The most important vitamin for the health of the brain:
It is worth mentioning that the most important vitamins that help to strengthen mental abilities are vitamin E, in addition to vitamin B12, b6, and we will talk about the first vitamin E.

As this vitamin has a role in fighting free radicals, and has a role in resistance to cell damage in the body, and helps in the protection of humans from Alzheimer's disease, in addition to its role in the prevention of human strokes significantly, as this vitamin is found in nuts and oils of all kinds and there is also In vegetables like spinach.

Vitamin B6 has a great role in the work of the nervous system and helps to protect the brain and cells from damage, helps in the work of the immune system and function of blood vessels properly, and protects the person from heart disease, and can get this vitamin through eating meat types, Fish, bananas and cereals.

Vitamin B12 has an active role in producing new blood, plays an active role in nerve function and protects the health of the brain. The lack of this vitamin in the body can damage the function of the nerves and the person gets Alzheimer's. This vitamin can be obtained by eating food Sea and liver, as well as dairy and dairy products.

In order to preserve the health of the brain can be done in some ways:
It is recommended to quit smoking because smoking causes strokes of the human brain, helps damage brain cells, and works to expand the blood vessels in the brain, in addition to the human must maintain the health of the heart, and maintain blood health and levels of pressure, by reducing cholesterol , The person should not be subjected to any blows in the head and keep them even during driving and advised to wear the seat belt, sport has a large role in maintaining the health of the heart and brain, as it helps to reduce cholesterol and pressure in the blood, and helps maintain The body weight significantly.

The most important vitamins that strengthen the mental abilities of humans
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